Tempsure Envi

What is TempSure Envi Skin Tightening?

TempSure Envi is a non-surgical skin tightening procedure that utilizes radiofrequency energy waves to address loose skin on both the face and body. By applying heat to the dermal layer (deep layer of your skin), it encourages collagen production, resulting in a more tightened and rejuvenated appearance. This non-invasive treatment not only enhances skin firmness but also diminishes facial wrinkles, fine lines, and improves the visibility of cellulite. No surgery, injections or harmful toxins!

How does TempSure Envi work?

For Skin:
As our bodies age, they lose the ability to generate collagen quickly causing our skin to lose elasticity. This leads to the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. By delivering gentle radiofrequency heat to your skin, TempSure increases your skin’s temperature for a defined amount of time. This heat triggers the body’s natural collagen production response. The resulting collagen fibers generated through the treatment are tighter and denser, leaving you with radiant, youthful skin. The process begins around 7-10 days post-treatment, with the full benefits of collagen and elastin synthesis over the subsequent weeks. Final results are typically seen around 3-6 months after your last treatment. Monthly treatments are recommended, typically one per decade of life (e.g., 5 treatments for a 50-year-old). The duration of benefits depends on skincare, sun exposure, and lifestyle factors. Maintenance sessions are advised every 6-12 months.

For Dry Eyes:
Radio Frequency (RF) treatment has the special capability to reawaken meibomian glands, even if they've become less active or stopped working correctly. Meibomian glands play a crucial role in causing dry eye syndrome. This gentle process enhances gland function, keeping your eyes moist and leads to increased comfort for your eyes and can significantly reduce or even eliminate the discomfort associated with dry eyes.

What Can I Expect During Treatments?

Once it has been established that you are a candidate for treatment we book you an appointment with our RF specialist. Treatment lasts anywhere from 30-60 minutes depending on the area(s) chosen to treat. You will be lying down and the RF wand massaged in a continuous movement to heat the skin. The sensation has been described as that of a hot stone massage. ost-treatment you might find skin slightly reddened but there is no downtime - you can return to your normal activities immediately. The areas we treat in-office are the eyes, face and neck.

RF restrictions

  • RF is not advisable for pregnant women.

  • Individuals with pacemakers or internal defibrillators.

  • Currently on Accutane (wait 6 months post Accutane) medicine that makes you photosensitive and risk burning.

How to prepare for RF treatment

  • Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. Avoid excessive alcohol.

  • Don’t use exfoliating or chemical peeling products for 1 week before your appointment.

  • Remove all makeup on the day of treatment.

  • Wait 2 weeks after Botox or filler injections before having RF.

RF aftercare

  • Enjoy your “red carpet glow” as your skin will appear refreshed and tightened immediately after for 24-48 hours.

  • Hydrate the skin well with moisturizer and drink plenty of water.

  • Use sunscreen with SPF 45 daily.

  • Use our medical-grade skincare products to maximize the effectiveness of the treatments.

Before and After